West London Photographer

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Santosh Mehmi aka Mem

I’m Mem and I have a passion/obsession for street life & photography and have been studying photography for 5 years now. I figured to become a professional in the photography industry I’m going to need a gallery for yourself to view my style and also time to learn the too. My skills are with streets, event photography and tailored projects.

The last 5 years has been a personal journey, the learning of many more skills, the question I had asked myself when I started studying was ‘what am I prepared to give up to get me to where I want to be?’ I’m also very grateful to the many hundreds of people I’ve met and photographed  over the years, and my story has always been the same ‘One day I’ll be a professional,  just not today’.

West London PhotographerDuring the solitary moments of photography I’ve learnt that the positive interactions with the environment  that surrounds me, tends to lead to more positive results. Communicating with people with positive words ‘Good Speak’ and the first capture of the day is very important to me (I call this ‘The Bounce’ – a lift of energy that would carry me for the day). I would share ‘The Bounce’ with people that I would interact with during my day studying.

West London Photographer

Over time I’d like to bring street life from around the world together with little bits to magic throw in too.  There’s a few projects that I have in mind at present – India and Her Temples – The Far East on Bike – South American Jungle Juices – Europe on Bike and Conflict Zones too. My next objective is to raise funds to complete these projects and again the question arrises ‘what am I prepared to give up to get me to where I want to be?


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Santosh Mehmi aka Mem

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